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Point & Light 10” Advance Stream


It isn’t out until tomorrow, but you can listen to an advance stream of fun.’s Record Store Day release Point & Light. The 10” vinyl features five demos from the album Aim & Ignite. There isn’t a comprehensive list of stores selling Point & Light, but there is a list of stores participating in RSD at We’d suggest calling your local store to see if they’ll have copies in stock.

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Fun.'s Andrew Dost Talks Scoring New MTV Series 'Faking It' (Exclusive)

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This Is Gospel

{Official ; Behind the Scenes}

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“All the other pop stars … they’re just not as talented.”

— Jack Antonoff on Taylor Swift. (x)

There was a time when Nate Ruess laughed that Taylor Swift can’t sing live …

she still can’t.



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they all go hand in hand~♪

Meeting fans outside Sky uno studio

Studying in the park today in Milan, in the sun, again with La Siciliana Isabella and also a cold from hell!

sunshine boy

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Ezra Koenig at Lollapalooza in Brazil (via Lollapalooza Brazil)


oh my cutie litter boy


X-Men / Game of thrones crossover.

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